About Us

Who is Music City Fire Company?

Focused, Diverse, Disruptive
Set out with a vision, we are a group of focused individuals with a diverse background and set of skills to disrupt the status quo.

Forward Thinkers

Its just in us. Constantly asking what if and why, from the start we look at things differently. Backed with the experience to make change and get things done, we do more than just dream.


With a focused vision, we formulate our ideas and strategy, do our market research and reach out to our networks to bring a product from A to Z.


We cant do everything alone. Over the years we have worked with manufactures, buyers, builders and more. Using these relationships, we have the ability to bring an idea to market in a quality controlled environment in a timely manner.


At the end of the day, we are just people. We like to have fun, listen to music, hike, and so much more. You can find any of our team members involved in something exciting. Maybe we will run into each other at a concert, in the mountains or down at the beach!

A Glimpse of Time

Its been a long journey thus far to see the least and we're only getting going. Below is a brief timeline of the history of MCFC and where we came from, where we have been and hopefully points us in the direction of where we are going. 

Pyroboards make their big breakthrough - April 2014

The hit Youtube Channel, Veritasium, shows an amazing video showing a two dimensional Rueben's tube, known as a Pyro Board, make fire come alive to music. The video hits over 9 million views and can be located here.

Music City Fire Founders get to work. 

With the incredible display and response from the community, the Founders of MCFC knew they had bring this effect to market. With over 15 years of product development and manufacturing they teamed up with their Engineering to bring this to a reality. 

 2015 - The year of learning, development, prototyping and difficult discoveries. 

Along working with engineering, Music City Fire included the insight of the CSA Group to ensure a safe product was being developed. Pyroboards and the likes, although incredible, did not present the safe and reliable option. Multiple new ideas and version went under development to product a similar, if not better, effect of the Pyroboards that met the standards of the CSA for safety and mass production.  


March 2016 - Patents acquired. 

A long hard road however after multiple models, trial and error, consulting, discussions and agreements, Music City Fire secured multiple patents around the technology. These patents would help MCFC protect their product(s) and the market today as well as in the future with the addition of more technology and methods. 

May 2016 - Improved working method breakthrough. 

After multiple prototypes using various methods we discovered the solution that met our strict demands for performance, consistency, user experience and more. With glass, without glass, longer tank life, no pressure issues, zero tank freeze, burns clean, well within the standards set by CSA and similar installation to current products in the market - we have truly developed one of the most exciting and new products within the fire pit industry.  

Year 2017

The Public Responds!

With the power that is Social Media we started engaging to find people were really responsive. Feedback and input was incredible and helped move us along. 

The Industry Responds!

Once the public discovered us, it wasn't long for industry professionals and more to follow suit. Incredible feedback and conversations that validated our progress drove us to make the product even better. 

CSA Responds!

While going through the CSA certification it was mentioned how many others have tried and failed to deliver on this type of product. "Amazing" and "Incredible" was communicated to us about our product. Now certified, our product was on its way!

To be released in Market Q2-Q3 2017

Here at MCFC our Sound Reactive Fire Systems are all but complete. We have added some incredible new features to our systems and will be announcing more in the future. We plan on releasing our first round of systems later this year, 2017. 

In a Nut Shell

Our story doesn't exist with out these crucial items below. These sum up the special sauce if you will of Music City Fire Company. 


Sound Reactive Systems

One incredible Sound Reactive Fire System with bluetooth, multiple modes, wifi, LED lighting, integrated sound, app and so much more. 



A Robust patent that protects our technology now with the ability to drive our technology forward into the future. Additional patent pending applications have been filed to further drive the experience.


Quality Engineering / Manufacturing

Our engineering is world class and developed something that many others could not. ISO 9001 and 9002 manufacturing ensures the best in manufacturing practices and quality. 


Incredible People

Both internally and beyond - our team as well as our partners are some of the best there could be. Without them Music City Fire would not be what it is today. 

Additional thoughts or questions? Let us know!

Music City Fire Company

Nashville, Tennessee