Codes and Standards - What

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit member-based association dedicated to advancing safety, sustainability and social good. We are an internationally-accredited standards development and testing & certification organization.

About the CSA GROUP

Codes and Standards - Who

CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association, an organization founded in 1919. It is a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) which tests and certifies products following standardized test protocols in laboratories across North America. Testing is performed on a wide variety of products including gas fire pits. Upon passing the tests, a gas fire pit is given a certification mark which is placed on the fire pit by the fire pit manufacturer. These marks may only be used on qualified products under license from the NRTL that tested the product and confirmed that it conforms to the applicable national, international or other standards for safety and/or performance. *


Certification Marks

Codes and Standards - Why?

Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers, regulators, consumers and end users the world over by indicating that products have been independently tested and have met the required standards for safety & performance.

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CSA CERTIFICATION Music City Fire Products are CSA Certified for ANSI 21.20 and ANSI 21.97 using the latest available standards. Certifications are 2018 ready.

Should I choose a fire pit without CSA certification?

" Choosing a fire pit without CSA certification generally means the manufacturer has skipped out on the certification process most likely due to the cost. Other reasons include poor manufacturing processes and improper materials which would never get CSA certified anyway. You can certainly buy a non-certified fire pit but you take your life literally into your own hands. A gas fire pit is not something you want a manufacturer cutting corners on just to save you the consumer a few bucks. Fire or explosion can result if inferior components are used, injuring or even killing you and your guests. What does this say about the manufacturer? It says that they have little regard to the commitment of the customer satisfaction and safety."

"What is a CSA Certified Fire Pit?" - Karen Lee

More reasons why certification is important.

“ If you have a non CSA certified fire pit in your backyard and it happens to malfunction due to no fault of your own causing damage to your property, your property insurance company may deny your claim. They will say because the cause of the fire was a faulty part in an uncertified fire pit and that the fault is with the property owner using such a fire pit. Why take a chance? ”

"What is a CSA Certified Fire Pit?" - Karen Lee