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Fire Pixels

FirePixels bring a new vocabulary to flame effects. We call it High Definition Fire. No other flame effect has the ability to express everything from a whisper of a flickering candle to the crescendo of a towering column of fire.


FirePixel Flame Effect

Introducing the FirePixel from LiveSpark - a propane powered, self-igniting, auto-calibrating flame effect capable of producing a nearly infinite range from a candle flicker to a four-foot high column of fire. The FirePixel technology delivers a highly luminous, smoke-free, soot free, wind-resistant, flame that reacts at an industry leading 10ms, putting it in a class of control along with traditional lighting, but with far greater audience impact.

  • •FirePixels light on the first igniter spark. They extinguish just as instantly.
  • •Internal diffuser and laminizing technologies deliver a highly controllable and efficient flame capable of rapid flame height adjustments since there is less atomized fuel to burn.
  • •Each FirePixel auto-calibrates to the environment. If the wind picks up, flame height adjusts automatically. When it dies down, FirePixels automatically reduce fuel velocity and flow.
  • •FirePixels are put through a battery of tests and built to comply with NFPA 160,“Standard for Flame Effects Before an Audience.” FirePixels have been approved for use by Fire Marshals in outdoor and larger indoor venues.
  • •FirePixels may be placed in wet outdoor environments.
  • •FirePixels may be mounted at any angle from horizontal to vertical.


FirePixels in Action

No other commercial system is as versatile as LiveSpark. From the smallest candle-size flame to a literal towering inferno of fire, FirePixels and AfterBurners combine to perform at over 500 programmable flame heights. Whether tiny, small, medium, big, or huge. Every flame height is calibrated to wind conditions. Combine 2 AfterBurners together for not just tall, but broad and bright columns of fire.


Find Out More About FirePixels

Click the link below to visit the Livespark page and learn more about FirePixels for your next commerical project or event.