"Why Gas?"

Why Gas?

There are, at times, many discussions around the topic of wood burning vs gas. Both have their allure and benefits. Below are just a few brief pointers on why a gas system vs a wood burning system. Any additional questions, please let us know!


    Enjoy our outdoor heating items without the worry of traditional wood burning fire pits. Sit closer to the fire and never worry about thick smoke or dangerous flying embers. The safety with gas heating products is much safer after the enjoyment ends with the flame. No more waiting for embers to die or pouring water over the fire to put it out.


    Fire tables are no longer a complicated and confusing outdoor heating experience. Our easy to use gas control panels make it simple for anyone to control and use our fire products. Whether you are enjoying a patio heater or a fire pit, their functionality is virtually the same making using a family of products quick and simple.


    Each of our outdoor heating products are made with the user first in mind. With our state opf the art touch panel displays, each heating item is as simple as it is beautiful. Our heating items are simple to use and enjoy; simply choose a safe location, connect the required propane gas tank and enjoy the fire for up to 18 hours.


    Choosing an outdoor heating product can be a difficult process depending on a consumer’s needs. Each of our outdoor heating products are made to function as smoothly as possible for the user. They are equipped with stainless steel burners that provide the maximum BTU output, an easy to use gas flow control panel and exterior propane tank hose.


    No longer wait for fire starters to light, fire logs to ignite or for the fire to grow to its desired size. With our outdoor gas heating products, a warm fire is only a few seconds away. Turn the gas supply on and press the electric igniter button; it’s as instant as that. Choose a gas flow ranging from low to high and never wait for a fire to start up again.


    Traditional wood burning fire products produce more emissions than propane units. When using a propane fire table, you can control your gas flow, recycle used propane tanks and limit the ash that is put into the air. Our propane gas units are smoke and ember free. Propane gas units produce 42% less carbon dioxide than wood burning units.